Saturday, November 25, 2017

UNE JEUNE FEMME (Directed by Léonor Serraille) *

Laetitia Dosch stars as a young woman who has been jilted by her photographer boyfriend. She lives in Paris, and hates it. She mooches off others, even gets a job as a nanny, but it doesn't work out for the mother in the end. She drifts, but finally lands a job in a lady’s undergarment and nightwear high end store. She gets pregnant by her ex-boyfriend but decides to go it alone. Finally, she ends up with a store worker who seems like a better man than the crud she had as a boyfriend. Good acting can’t save this first feature film by the director whose unoriginal plot downplays the ugly truth about being lost and marginalized in a society that does not care. Screened at Montréal’s  2017 Cinemania Festival.   

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