Thursday, February 27, 2020

MONT FOSTER (Written and directed by Louis Godbot) ***

This Quebec-made first-time feature is unique and compelling. Mathieu with Chloé drive to her stunning country hilltop house on Mont Foster in Sutton, Quebec. She is mentally ill -- recovering from a trauma we do not find out about until the end. What is supposed to be a recuperative time turns into nightmare. Chloé deteriorates into scary actions damaging herself and her boyfriend. Somehow, he gives her a ring for marriage, but he’s actually having an affair. In the end, tragedy of the ambiguous kind happens. We may never know the truth. The scenery and cinematography are perfect, but the movie moves too slowly. The ending is rushed, confusing and needs a sequel.  Laurence Leboeuf as Chloé and Patrick Hivon as Patrick were excellent in creating such contrasting characters. (Screened at Rendez-Vous Film Festival)

Friday, February 14, 2020

LES MISÉRABLES (Directed by Ladj Ly)***

In a project neighborhood in France A young black kid gets shot by a bad cop and they try to cover it up. But joining the new team is Stéphane, a cop with a heart and conscience. By chance, a drone flew over the incident, and do Chris, the horrible cop tries to find him to get rid of the evidence.  In the end, the kid and his gang of friends in the hood get their revenge. The ending is lame and ambiguous. A tale of corruption and victimization against blacks and Arabs.

More detail:
Stéphane joined the Anti-Crime Brigade of Montfermeil. He meets his new teammates, Chris and Gwada, and discovers the tensions between the different groups of the district.
Screened at Cinemania 2019

Tuesday, February 11, 2020


Robert Arellano

When you stroll along Cabo’s marina boardwalk that snakes around the beautiful bay in this stunning area of Baja California, Mexi (Baja boasts the world’s longest peninsula), you’ll be accosted but oodles of people selling wares, including tour excursions. I was lucky to meet Roberto Arellano who reps for the tour company, Los Dorados; you’ll see his booth near the mountain. An affable non-pushy fellow whose English is perfect, Roberto took care of my needs to explore the Sea of Cortes.  

First off, he put me on a great little boat that took me on a tour that passed beaches and coastline all the way to Cabo’s famous Los Arcos. The waves were rough as we neared this impressive structure that juts out of the Sea of Cortez.

Impressive granite structures towering over a beach and the birds

The exuberant captain kept pointing out beaches, blurting   their names, including Lovers Beach that windowed into Divorce Beach on the Pacific Ocean, it’s called Divorce Beach, because the waves are impossible to swim in (like a bad marriage you’re drowning in), but also you can go pass through a stone entry from one beach to the other. First comes love, then comes divorce.

The "Window" that gives a glimpse into the Pacific

We also passed by many sand stone rock structures that has Rock, their own names due to their shapes: Pelican Rock, The Witch (La Bruja) the Finger, King Kong’s Hand, and finally Land’s End where two real pelicans perch. 

They seem to announce the very spot where the sea of Cortez merges with the Pacific.

Just before rounding the bend to get to Land's End, we came to a colony of sea lions.What a thrill!

Approaching the Arch

The famous Arch

The Arch is beautiful at every time  of day.

The water taxi was a glass bottom boat; we could see fish swimming at certain spots. It was really fun, and our eyes were kept busy looking up and then down to take it all in.
Roberto also set me on a sunset excursion on the double-decker Cabo Escape cruiser. It took us far out, and with whales in our midst, music at our ears, food galore and drinks to enjoy.

 The climax came in an inspirational finale: the sun sinking over the crest of the sea.

                                                 The sun is gone; the sky is gorgeous

 My snorkeling excursion on Oceanos cruiser was fantastic. We headed out for beautiful Chilenos Bay and dove in. This vessel carried very good snorkeling equipment.

                     I also went whale watching on a tour that Robert set up for me.

I recommend you take the tour to the Arch soon after you arrive, and if you like ti and the service Roberto provided, ask him for more. He also generously gives discounts. He wants to make every wish come true for you. And he succeeds.
Contrary to popular belief, Los Cabos is the playground for the wealthy and not-so wealthy alike. Its breathless beauty does not discriminate.
Contact Roberto at 52 -1 (624) 122 7391. He’s on What’sApp
His email is

Monday, February 10, 2020


In the marina of Cabo San Lucas, you have the chance to ride on the stunning Eco Cat catamaran. It’s the 9th largest sailing catamaran in the world. Its journey started in the French West Indies, when it was purchased by sailing enthusiast Robert Popp 18 years ago.
“I sailed it from St Martens to the Panama Canal and then to Southern California.  I finally ended up here in Cabo San Lucas.”
Robert knows his boats for sure. He started sailing at the age of 18, even raced, and placed, dreaming about owning his own sailing catamaran. Now it has happened, and he shares his passion for sailing by offering excursions on his eco-friendly vessel. It can hold 120 passenger. Not a clunker by any means, it measures 100’ x 50’, and it is ever so quiet. The boat is gorgeously sleek and sails smoothly. It makes its own drinking water from the sea; and for moving, it uses bio-diesel fuel and wind power. The ecological sailing catamaran beautifully brings Eco-Catters (my term) out into the open Sea of Cortes for whale watching, sunset gazing, snorkeling and more.

We sailed out about 9 miles to Santa Maria Beach for snorkeling. The boat has a cute series of steps that end in a small boards leveling with the water, so it’s real easy to get into the sea, and start your snorkeling. I welcomed this small jut-out level to the water, as I did not wish to jump in or navigate metal steps that most boats come with. Once in, I saw amberjacks, pompano and parrot fish, bur the life jacket rode too high up on me, and I left a flipper in the sea; it came off me.  Getting back onto the boat was a breeze. The ladder was not steep, and its steps were close to one another. 

 Then came a fabulous Mexican meal that filled me to the gills. Drinks are free and served right to you. Now this is the life!

The food is freshly prepared at Robert’s Eco Cat restaurant, and then taken to the catamaran just a few steps away from his restaurant.

 I also went whale watching the same day. I couldn't get enough of this boat. 
Once again, it was a thrilling ride. 

Spotting the whales, watching then come up and then breach was remarkable.  They’re Humpbacks, and that day many were to be seen. Thanks to Cutberto, our captain/guide, I learned more about these giants.  Females can weigh up to 42 tons and and are 16 metres long; the males weigh 40 tons and average 14 metres in length. They come all the way from Alaska to mate, stay three months, and then make their way back to Alaska, but they must wait until their young ones weigh 3 tons to make the long journey.
I recommend you take your glorious sailing experience on the Eco Cat.
For all information, visit

Sunday, February 9, 2020


Dazzling Drinks, Amazing Meals and Exciting Ambiance

If you want to enjoy eating the best seafood variety in Cabo San Lucas, check out Captain Tony’s.  Situated right on the bustling boardwalk at the marina on the Sea of Cortez, this gourmet giant is a landmark whose marina view offers its own visual feast. 
The menu definitely captures the sea. There are seven sea food choices, five chef specials and eight Mexican cuisine picks. There are pizzas, dozens of savoury appetizers, salads and tasty tuna surprises. In fact, here the guys will even cook the fish you hook. BBQ ribs, popcorn shrimp deep fried in beer batter, sashimi and ceviche is only a small part in the line-up of fresh fish platters. Of course, in this menu, you’ll also find lasagna and spaghetti.

Manager,Alejandro Alvarez and me
The manager, Alejandro Alvarez casually pointed out there are 60 drinks – 12 of which are unique Captain Tony concoctions, such as one with dark rum, strawberry, Kalhua, amaretto and strawberry ice cream.
 I went for the pina colada with chocolate, just to be “normal” But then I tried Horny Gorilla (rum, vodka, vanilla ice cream and pineapple) On my second visit, I ordered a mojito. Divinely refreshing! Captains Tony’s special: dark rum, strawberry, Kahlua, amaretto and strawberry ice cream.

Grupo Serenata

More entertainment with Tatito, the clown

                                             Fantastic portions with superb taste

Captain Tony's incredible hamburger - the biggest and the best

My Mexican combination platter offered grilled flank steak (arrachera) cheese chile relleno, chicken enchilada, fried beans and rice. It was exciting in every way. Each different part was a splendid taste adventure.

                              Appetizers were meals in themselves: Here is a sampling

Captain Tony's mushroom appetizer - 10 in all

Another Mexican appetizer

sauces served with tortillas

               I returned a second time to try Curricanes, a Captain Tony’s original.


This appetizer was beautifully presented. Spicy crab and avocado wrapped in fresh tuna slices – 10 in all – were spiced with serranito, cilantro and oranges sauces. This number was a royal winner.  I loved it.

Just when I thought nothing could surpass the quality and tenderness of this delectable creation, I was greeted with sea bass and tender tiny shrimps wrapped like a present in tin foil.

 It was broiled and it benefited from the butter, lime and garlic it was soaked in.  It was heavenly Sliver thin peppers and carrots colored up this sensational dish.

Dessert offered a variety of chocolate and sundry delights.

 I was so satiated, I waddled out of Captain Tony’s like a sea lion.

Do not miss this restaurant! It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner every day.

Call (624) 143-6797
Visit the website: