Thursday, February 27, 2020

MONT FOSTER (Written and directed by Louis Godbot) ***

This Quebec-made first-time feature is unique and compelling. Mathieu with Chloé drive to her stunning country hilltop house on Mont Foster in Sutton, Quebec. She is mentally ill -- recovering from a trauma we do not find out about until the end. What is supposed to be a recuperative time turns into nightmare. Chloé deteriorates into scary actions damaging herself and her boyfriend. Somehow, he gives her a ring for marriage, but he’s actually having an affair. In the end, tragedy of the ambiguous kind happens. We may never know the truth. The scenery and cinematography are perfect, but the movie moves too slowly. The ending is rushed, confusing and needs a sequel.  Laurence Leboeuf as Chloé and Patrick Hivon as Patrick were excellent in creating such contrasting characters. (Screened at Rendez-Vous Film Festival)

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