Tuesday, February 11, 2020


Robert Arellano

When you stroll along Cabo’s marina boardwalk that snakes around the beautiful bay in this stunning area of Baja California, Mexi (Baja boasts the world’s longest peninsula), you’ll be accosted but oodles of people selling wares, including tour excursions. I was lucky to meet Roberto Arellano who reps for the tour company, Los Dorados; you’ll see his booth near the mountain. An affable non-pushy fellow whose English is perfect, Roberto took care of my needs to explore the Sea of Cortes.  

First off, he put me on a great little boat that took me on a tour that passed beaches and coastline all the way to Cabo’s famous Los Arcos. The waves were rough as we neared this impressive structure that juts out of the Sea of Cortez.

Impressive granite structures towering over a beach and the birds

The exuberant captain kept pointing out beaches, blurting   their names, including Lovers Beach that windowed into Divorce Beach on the Pacific Ocean, it’s called Divorce Beach, because the waves are impossible to swim in (like a bad marriage you’re drowning in), but also you can go pass through a stone entry from one beach to the other. First comes love, then comes divorce.

The "Window" that gives a glimpse into the Pacific

We also passed by many sand stone rock structures that has Rock, their own names due to their shapes: Pelican Rock, The Witch (La Bruja) the Finger, King Kong’s Hand, and finally Land’s End where two real pelicans perch. 

They seem to announce the very spot where the sea of Cortez merges with the Pacific.

Just before rounding the bend to get to Land's End, we came to a colony of sea lions.What a thrill!

Approaching the Arch

The famous Arch

The Arch is beautiful at every time  of day.

The water taxi was a glass bottom boat; we could see fish swimming at certain spots. It was really fun, and our eyes were kept busy looking up and then down to take it all in.
Roberto also set me on a sunset excursion on the double-decker Cabo Escape cruiser. It took us far out, and with whales in our midst, music at our ears, food galore and drinks to enjoy.

 The climax came in an inspirational finale: the sun sinking over the crest of the sea.

                                                 The sun is gone; the sky is gorgeous

 My snorkeling excursion on Oceanos cruiser was fantastic. We headed out for beautiful Chilenos Bay and dove in. This vessel carried very good snorkeling equipment.

                     I also went whale watching on a tour that Robert set up for me.

I recommend you take the tour to the Arch soon after you arrive, and if you like ti and the service Roberto provided, ask him for more. He also generously gives discounts. He wants to make every wish come true for you. And he succeeds.
Contrary to popular belief, Los Cabos is the playground for the wealthy and not-so wealthy alike. Its breathless beauty does not discriminate.
Contact Roberto at 52 -1 (624) 122 7391. He’s on What’sApp
His email is robertcrpy200@gmail.com

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