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Dazzling Drinks, Amazing Meals and Exciting Ambiance

If you want to enjoy eating the best seafood variety in Cabo San Lucas, check out Captain Tony’s.  Situated right on the bustling boardwalk at the marina on the Sea of Cortez, this gourmet giant is a landmark whose marina view offers its own visual feast. 
The menu definitely captures the sea. There are seven sea food choices, five chef specials and eight Mexican cuisine picks. There are pizzas, dozens of savoury appetizers, salads and tasty tuna surprises. In fact, here the guys will even cook the fish you hook. BBQ ribs, popcorn shrimp deep fried in beer batter, sashimi and ceviche is only a small part in the line-up of fresh fish platters. Of course, in this menu, you’ll also find lasagna and spaghetti.

Manager,Alejandro Alvarez and me
The manager, Alejandro Alvarez casually pointed out there are 60 drinks – 12 of which are unique Captain Tony concoctions, such as one with dark rum, strawberry, Kalhua, amaretto and strawberry ice cream.
 I went for the pina colada with chocolate, just to be “normal” But then I tried Horny Gorilla (rum, vodka, vanilla ice cream and pineapple) On my second visit, I ordered a mojito. Divinely refreshing! Captains Tony’s special: dark rum, strawberry, Kahlua, amaretto and strawberry ice cream.

Grupo Serenata

More entertainment with Tatito, the clown

                                             Fantastic portions with superb taste

Captain Tony's incredible hamburger - the biggest and the best

My Mexican combination platter offered grilled flank steak (arrachera) cheese chile relleno, chicken enchilada, fried beans and rice. It was exciting in every way. Each different part was a splendid taste adventure.

                              Appetizers were meals in themselves: Here is a sampling

Captain Tony's mushroom appetizer - 10 in all

Another Mexican appetizer

sauces served with tortillas

               I returned a second time to try Curricanes, a Captain Tony’s original.


This appetizer was beautifully presented. Spicy crab and avocado wrapped in fresh tuna slices – 10 in all – were spiced with serranito, cilantro and oranges sauces. This number was a royal winner.  I loved it.

Just when I thought nothing could surpass the quality and tenderness of this delectable creation, I was greeted with sea bass and tender tiny shrimps wrapped like a present in tin foil.

 It was broiled and it benefited from the butter, lime and garlic it was soaked in.  It was heavenly Sliver thin peppers and carrots colored up this sensational dish.

Dessert offered a variety of chocolate and sundry delights.

 I was so satiated, I waddled out of Captain Tony’s like a sea lion.

Do not miss this restaurant! It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner every day.

Call (624) 143-6797
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  1. So vividly expressed, that I desired to book a flight to Cabo San Luca to feast on these culinary delights.