Tuesday, June 27, 2017



If you're looking for the best agent possible in Montreal who won't waste your time and energy, then here's where to find her.

After five years of looking for a place to buy, I found my answer. It was Diana Campbell. I had gone out with so many other Montreal real estate agents, and everything was wrong: one of the agents put pressure on me; another one kept showing places that did not match my check list; then there was that other one who forgot to tell me there are trains behind the house and the house shakes when they pass.
 I was ready to give up and live under a tree. Then lady luck visited me; the goddess of homes sent me an angel in the form of Diana Campbell.
Diana not only found me the most stunning condo in a superb location, but she did it after only two short days of visiting properties. I trusted this one. She was a keeper. Her communication was outstanding.

Let me tell you about this energetic woman who is also an athlete: she has entered an Olympic triathlon – perfect training for dealing with me.
My journey of buying the condo turned me into a stress maniac.. At every moment, I was emailing her asking her about this and that and when and how. I was a basket case, but nothing phased her.  Despite my nerves, at every stage of buying the condo, she  calmed me down, took care of all kinds of things (notary,  organized cat allergy specialists to eradicate dander), answered questions  excellently, and those that were beyond her expertise, she referred me to someone else if she could not readily find the answer herself. Most importantly, her patience, laughter, cheerfulness and choice to be serious when necessary meant everything to me. She never lost her belief in me, nor scoffed off any question I asked. For her, it all was valid and important because what I wanted to know was valid and important to me. Now that’s an agent you want! 

                         My dog really loves the place,...as much as I do.

Since 2007, darling fun Diana has been changing people’s lives by finding them the perfect property. I call Diana, my princess, because she really is real estate royalty without snobbery. 

        She made it happen for me.

I can’t recommend her enough. What’s more, she's so much fun to be with her. To this day, she’s still here for me.

Her website is www.dianacampbell.com
Email her at: dianacampbell@royallepage.ca

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