Thursday, June 29, 2017

JANGO (Directed by Etienne Comar) **

A lousy flat retelling of Jango Reinhardt’s tormented life where the Nazi’s chased him, and his stability was shaken.  His music and gypsy heritage angered them so much, he was chased as he tried to escape over the Switzerland. The acting was amateur, and that may be why the film played music scenes far too long, and despite his composing genius, the director obviously could not passionately handle that nor the gypsy scenes with authenticity. Reinhardt’s final piece that honours the gypsies was so unlike anything he had ever composed, and it is an astoundingly moving piece of passion and pity. Too bad the director was not so inspired. Even the actor who played Jango looked bored most of the time. The film stealer was Bea Palya, the actress who played his mother. She got into the role.

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