Wednesday, March 7, 2018

TEHRAN TABOO (Directed by Ali Soozandeh) ****

This exquisitely animated feature uses rotoscope to create a remarkably realistic rendering of characters caught in the jaws of Islamic hypocrisy. They include a musician in need of finding money to give to a girl he thinks he got pregnant; a woman who induces abortions to escape her husband’s hold; another woman who whores herself out to a judge to get papers to divorce her husband. Her child is mute but he, like us, watches the drama unfold. Restrictive Iran forces people to live well below the radar to survive. But some get caught or others take their own lives to avoid shame. Freedom and happiness are not within their reach. A wonderful film that daringly shows how bad things are, and how like everyone else, people can do awful things to fulfil their own agenda. Women are the ones who suffer under the male yoke there. This is a German-Austrian co-production.

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