Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Cap Saint-Jacques in May

It was a wonderful May day,so I decided it was time to give my dog, Zak his moment in the sun at the Cap. What a lovely day! Not only was the scenery so restful, but the trees were alive with birdsong.

Water and  lush growth paired up to create splendid views at different spots on the trail we were on.


     I spotted a small yellow one among many other different ones of all sizes and areas of water that attracted a chipmunk that was burrowing under a little log. He was camera shy for sure.

Yes, the black flies were out, and it is tic season, so if you do go, cover yourself well, and ensure you dog stays on leash on the paths they are permitted to enjoy. Zak had a great time as we walked for about an hour, ending at a picnic spot.

The skies eventually grew overcast, but I wanted to continue on more trails, and Zak seemed to want to stay too.

 The variety of growth is startling. All kinds of trees 
 mix together side by side. I think this contrast in size and species is a visual delight. 

Within a 20-minute ride from Montreal, you will enter the splendour of it all. Enjoy the vast body of water: Rivière de la Prairie with and Ile-Bizard on one side and Oka at its perimeters. This place is gorgeous!

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