Saturday, March 7, 2020


 Arion's all-Bach program moved us into joyous rapture and contemplation in their concert, titled “Bach Ombre et Lumière” (Bach: Shadows and Light). Oboes and bassoon stole the sonoric show in the first piece, “Sinfonia de la cantate Am Abend aber desselbigen Sabbats”. 
Mathieu Lussier is outstanding on the bassoon and as co-artistic director with Ms. Guimond, he beguiles with his talents.

Nuria Rial

Spanish, solo soprano, Nuria Rial stirred us with her pure voice that emoted so stunningly with her two performances with the orchestra before and after the intermission. “Zerfliesse, mein Herze” from the "Passion of Saint Joan" was subtly interpreted with restraint and profound sorrow. She also came back to mesmerize us with her evocatively expressive tones and impeccable phrasing when she sang “Cantate ich habe genung”. The words in these two works seemed to be a call for death by Bach as he makes peace with the lord. The instrumental works in the program were performed with Arion’s signature understanding of nuances, dynamics and timing necessary to capture all the movements’ own rhythms and musicality in rondeaux, minuets and bourées.

Hank Knox
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Claire Guimond

Hank Knox on the harpsichord and organ and Claire Guimond on flute delighted us. "Suite No 1 in C major" contrasted to the  more serious mood "No 2 in b minor" offered a great showcase for sprightly moments and dark ones too. Bach was born in 1685 and dies in 1750. These works truly embodied his profound spirit that embraced life’s darkness and light.  A well-deserved standing ovation with lots of ‘bravos' seemed to go not just to the musicians, but to Bach himself.  Nice touch of English spoken in explanations. Thank you M. Lussier!

Call 514-355-1825 for tickets to their next concert that features Handel, with guest conductor Boris Begelman, and organ soloist, Jean-Will Kunz.

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