Tuesday, March 17, 2020

ADVENTURE BOYZ (directed by Howard J. Ford) ****

 I loved this action-packed, charming family film that stars two young boy (the real sons of the director: Rory Ford and Felix Ford)) who put the lessons their athletic dad  (played by the director himself) teaches them into real-life practice. About to get hooked on video games, their dad teaches them to move, to do sports and even how to pack a real punch in someone’s nose if violence is necessary and only to be done to villains. Plot-wise, priceless stash of diamonds has been stolen from a rich lady of a grand castle. The boys who have been told by their Speedway dad to seek adventure do just that, but one day while riding their bikes the find notes with clues on them that lead the boys to actually find the hiding place of the stolen diamonds. They take them back to their dad’s house, but he gets accused of being the thief, when the real thieves tattle on the house location of where the diamonds are. They find where the boys are. This is a delightful film whose actors capture your heart. Rare is it to find a film with a strong message made in such a wholesome way without manipulation and sentimentality. It is Britain’s version of a Disney family film.

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