Saturday, August 12, 2017

Getting Older, Getting Wiser, Getting Ailments

Life is a bowl of cherries, and when we’re young, those cherries are beautiful and shiny red. As we get older, it seems those cherries begin to shrivel, turn brown and leave a musty taste in your mouth. Before you know the bowl is full of cherry pits. 

Let’s face it, our bodies seem to do the same thing, yet our minds (if there is no clinical illness) are soaring ahead with all kinds of fantasies, new ideas for our third career, even wishing we could travel the world and stay in the most unique accommodations. Some women even wish they could bear children at the age of 60. 

Why is this? Why are our bodies not in sync with our minds?
 I believe as the body ages, God wishes us to remain happy, and so we compensate for our physical ailments by allowing our brain to be flooded with renewed zest. Have you ever noticed how cheery and childish in a fun way older people can be. They say whatever pops into their heads, and they also reveal many of their wishes for escape. Maybe this is what keeps us going. In the end, it would seem the imagination is our most powerful engine, not our brain. So when those aches and pains set in, get your mind into the zone of great escapes, great dreams, perfect love for those you do love and send a lot out to yourself as well. I suppose the most harmonious way to age is keep fit, accept your new ailments, and all the adjustments you must make, and laugh, laugh, laugh.

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