Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Unachieved Talents Can Cause Frustration … but should they?

I’ve met so many talented people in my life – not only through my 17-year-stint as an arts’ columnist for a Montreal newspaper, but in so many casual encounters.
In more cases than not, the majority of people have expressed varying degrees of frustration at not being able to make it their life’s work. They can’t get recognition; they are not famous; no one appreciates their work, but mostly I hear the dismay at carrying a day job that has nothing to do with their artsy dream to achieve and be known for their art.

I’ve met bus drivers who sing gorgeously, corner store owners who play classical violin stunningly, daycare workers who paint passionately with excellence to match.
I, myself am somewhat of a creative person, having made 3 CDs with my songs accompanied by banjo and full band, created a board game for kids, written books for kids adn adults,  but despite public performances, and TV stuff etc,  no one really knows this. Am I frustrated? Not at all. I thank the lord that I was gifted talents that I acted upon - which did take a lot of hard work and persistence to get where I wanted to go. Yes, there a several film scripts buzzing through my head, - some even getting to the treatment stage and perking interest in a producer, comedic skits that drill holes through our society and evoke belly laughs (I think), but the fun of having a talent is having one or two or more and using them to fulfill your own imagination and need to enjoy yourself.
I would hope people congratulate themselves for doing what they like to do, and not feel good or that they have fulfilled your talent only if others see what you have created.
The world is a lonely oyster; you are the pearl inside. Open it and don’t wait for others to compliment your shining pearl. You know it’s there! And that’s good enough.

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