Monday, August 21, 2017

THE ORNITHOLOGIST (Directed by João Pedro Rodrigues) ****

When Fernando, an ornithologist glides his kayak down a stunning canyon in a remote wild area of Portugal, his life takes a complete turn as - does his kayak.

It tips over in some nasty rapids. Meeting two Lesbian Chinese girls, his fate ends up at their mercy.

He is tied up and basically abused, but he escapes. He is left with nothing except stealing his bag, but his meds are gone, and that is serious. He encounters too many strange things, including a person that he ends of making love to and some bizarre rituals.

His transformation becomes a mystical one that involves a religious series of subtle and not so subtle events with dramatic consequences. The film is stunning to watch, but moving from realism into fantasy to create symbolism, becomes a tad incredulous. Though I knew his redemption would involve revisiting a young man whom he left for dead, plot probability was weak. But I loved the scenery and tranquility in the cinematic art shots.

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