Monday, September 24, 2018

Cantine Sutton Cooks Those Classic Mainstay Meals We All Love

This no frills 18-year-old family-owned restaurant is Sutton’s favourite place for hungry chops. Say hi to co-owners Eric, wife Victoria and her mom, Shirley who you see cooking behind the counter. In fact, Cantine Sutton is so popular, it opens at 5 am and closes at 9:pm. The variety of dishes boggles the eyes and taste buds.  Breakfast is so big here, it has its own menu. The choices are dazzling as is the freshness and care of preparation. 

Co-owner, Eric, sums it up: “Whatever we serve, it’s top quality.” 

The prices are so ridiculously reasonable, yet the potions are 
huge, so trying to pick one dish from the mouth-watering menu is fun: it’s impossible to get bored with food choices here.
In another menu, the amazing variety in the lunch and supper selections dazzle. Like deluxe food billboards, all wall photos exactly duplicate each dish - all specially prepared for the photo shoot. What you see is what you get. Yummie!  

There are over 18 kinds of pizza, shrimp with mushrooms, Mexican, barbecue chicken, and pepper steak; plus Cantine is famous for its pizzaghetti, pizzafrites, pizza poutine and pizza Cesar. The pizza is cut in half and in between the second dish sits.

Twenty subs include smoked salmon, roast beef and steak with pepperoni, and BLT. I loved my 12”-roast beef sub that came with every topping imaginable: including, pickles, jalapeño peppers, black olives, Swiss cheese and more.

Eric preparing my sub

My roast beef sub 

Poutine is on the menu - nine different kinds, along with their hotdogs and burgers (you can get two burgers on Wednesday for a mere $6!

The Cantine special burger caught my eye and captured my taste buds at first bite. It’s made with special melted cheese. It complimented the bacon and the dressings you always crave. A dill pickle, tomato and lettuce with relish brought a symphony of taste, as did the macaroni and coleslaw served on the plate. I also had their fresh cut, freshly made French fries – all home made – as every dish is here. 

Smoked meat sandwich and more

I returned every day, feasting on gyros and salads. Their Caesar salad dressing is fantastic: garlic, yoghurt, Dijon mustard and egg yoke. Victoria revealed the alternate pouring of simple ingredients  creates a very smooth soft dressing. The honey in the dressing really gives it a sweet zing. 

Cantine Sutton is super friendly, informal and unstressed. Best thing is every dish is delivered to your table within minutes.

Huge portions!

I loved their automatic soft drink select-and-touch-screen machine. Aside from all your favourites, you can get Doctor Peppers in three different flavours: cherry, vanilla and strawberry! Their ice cream also is a flavour fest. And if biting into a dessert, try their different homemade cookies and banana bread.

Delicious cookies and banana bread


The best restaurant breakfast ever!

A mini play area
Cantine Sutton is great for the whole family. 

Cantine Sutton  has its own mini play area


Call: 450 538-3311.  Cantine Sutton also delivers.

The address is 32, Principale Nord, Sutton Quebec, J0E 2KO. 

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