Tuesday, September 4, 2018

TRENCH 11 (directed by Leo Scherman) ****

A really cool horror film entrenched in  WW1 tunnel. A small team of allies, including one Canadian – a tunnel expert who knows how to tunnel his way out of anything resembling dark narrow passageways) is sent deep down into a maze-like tunnel full of confusing doors and rooms with remnants of habitation and dead bodies. He is supposed to blow it up. But upon entering, they discover this bio-bacterial body warfare raging  inside in the form of long white thin worms that live in people and produce zombie-like leftovers if he person infected. Germans are down there infected, and the top sadistic gun on the German side sends his people down there to blow up everything. So this is a case scenario of Germans meet allies. The commander for the allies in the tunnel is a complete jerk who orders their certain deaths. Mutiny and his death is  just the beginning of this interesting plot, sure to hurdle everyone into their own deadly destinies, save for one – the tunnel leader.

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