Monday, September 24, 2018


Magnificent Mont Sutton is one of the most celebrated natural wonders in Quebec’s Eastern Townships.  Part of the awesome Appalachian trail, the Sutton Mountains’ pristine reputation beckons recreation enthusiasts winter, summer and fall.

Get ready for Your World-class Winter Adventure

Take out your skis and immerse yourself in Mont Sutton’s snowy heights. Not only do
local folks from Sutton and nearby cities come here, but skiers from far beyond at all ski levels come to enjoy Mont Sutton’s optimum skiing conditions: lots of natural snow here, and trees shield the trails from any wind. 

Over 856 metres in altitude with a vertical drop of 460 metres covers over 230 acres of skiable terrain. There are 204 on-slope junctions. What an awesome amount of ski fun to explore! 

Glorious Glading


                                                            Warm up at the chalet

Mont Sutton’s glade skiing is renowned. In fact, 45% of the ski terrain gets you into a dream-like winter wonderland of glade skiing descent.  Imagine skiing through the glens, passing trees on powdery white pathways that poke through the forest.

  Because of the plethora of junctions, glading is a Sutton star attraction. It’s exhilarating and gives a feeling of seclusion and grace. Mont Sutton has been ranked as the top mountains for glading in “Ski Canada Magazine”, and the “Independent” - one of the UK’s leading newspapers - ranked Mont Sutton as one of world’s top 50 best ski resorts.

If you get hungry, know that four chalet-restaurants dot the mountains at various places, starting at 400 metres on the mountain and at 840 metres. It's open only in winter. 

Dorm is open only in summer

Bring Out the Bikes
Seven kilometers of snow trails are designated for fat bikes. Now that’s an original kind of ride. As for kids, a section of the mountain is zoned for the family. Your kids can benefit from activities here, even take lessons while you ride off in the wild white yonder.

The Summery Side of  Sutton’s Mountains

Have you ever tried an electric bike? At the ski shop, you can rent one. JF who manages the mountain’s shop, is an expert at getting you started. This electric bike makes pedaling uphill easy. It has to do with a small motor. You still peddle, but you can adjust the ease of travel using the turbo, eco and tour buttons. It’s a heavier bike than the usual ones we ride, but think of the luxury of avoiding the sweat and pain as you peddle skywards. 

But if you want to do more pedaling, then mountain biking on 30 kilometres of trails awaits you.


However, if you like getting down and dirty in the mud, climbing ropes and more, the Xman race might be for you. One just finished, but you can register for the next one taking place next June (

Stats in a nutshell:

Services include heated reception chalet, heated waxing facility, refuge for rustic lodging, rental of equipment such as cross-country skis, snowshoes, crampons and fatbikes.
Altitude of the ski mountain: 856 meters (2,808 feet)
Skiing vertical drop: 460 meters (1,500 feet)
Total skiable hill acreage: 230 acres
60 trails in total.
204 junctions

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  1. You brought the mountain right to my door.through your writing. I also enjoyed the photos.

  2. Wow!! What a great place to enjoy sports and family outdoor activities! I have mobility issues so that electric bike sounds great.