Friday, October 25, 2019

Mont Saint-Bruno National Park Shows Autumn Splendor

I love this huge national Sépaq park with its network of trails that can be enjoyed at every time of the year. Signs direct you to the three main lakes.                                                    
A 27-km network of trails circles the following lakes: Lac Seigneurial, Lac des Bouleaux, Lac des Atocas, Lac du Moulin and Lac de la Tortue. A 3.5-km hiking trail, which starts at the Discovery and Visitors Centre, offers a more rustic alternative. You can also hike a shorter 1.5 km loop within this circuit.

This historical park is a must-see during the four seasons, and so I always head out there at different times of the year. Each time, nature seizes 
my senses in various ways. 

                                           Walking on the fallen leaves was fun

 Rocks with smooth slate-like surfaces to rest on

Lac des bouleaux, a place to ponder

The sites, smells and birdsong change, as does the ground beneath your feet. Gliding on snow, stepping on the sunny paths in summer, dodging wet parts in spring and walking on leaves in autumn, each season presents a special beauty. The lakes are highlights here. Enjoy the view. 


This lone boat on Lac de Bouleaux sure beckons, but it's used by the park in case of an emergency. 

canoe on Lac des Bouleaux for you to rent in summer



So many photos were taken that day; but I chose a sampling to reflect the natural beauty of this Sépaq park. Thank you Philippe for making my visit  possible! I shall return.

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  1. One of the best hiking trails close to Montreal.