Wednesday, October 30, 2019


WILCOX (Directed by Denis  Coté) ****

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The film is really a reflective comment on all those who go wandering and never return. The film mentions two men in particular who left – one of whom committed suicide later on.
This film portrays a young self-sufficient man who wanders in Quebec’s countryside, finds places to shelter himself, engages with some very eccentric characters, know show to survive by basically finding fruit and lettuce grown in fields. This man is a drop-out from civilization; he is a hermit wishing to find his own freedom. There are moments of happiness and of sadness. If only we all could retreat into nature, observe that before us, while living the life of a nomad. Never having to rely on the curse of civilization as it is today has its rewards.
 The film is without dialogue, yet the silence with some electronic type sounds in the background gave lent its own special drama and calm.  We really felt the soul of this man, beautifully portrayed by Guillaume Tremblay.

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