Friday, December 23, 2016

What will ISIS Do After It Kills Everybody?

There is no post political after-killing agenda with ISIS. It is a killing machine, and that is its sole purpose. After the total world annihilation it is determined to achieve, what new society will it create? One never hears about its vision after every non-Muslim is skewered, other than kill, kill, kill.
There will be no music, scientific research to better mankind’s health, in every kind of way.

No there there will be just big black hole, but the hole is here on earth, not in space. And it will be filled with the colour red.

What demented aberrations in family upbringing could nurture encourage and celebrate such a loathsome goal?

What kind of mothers swaddled their babies? What kind of men beat up their wives? The cowardly violence is a genesis that surely started in these control-freak families: husbands subjugating wives, beating them, brothers stoning their own sisters, kids following the commandments that would avoid shame even if it meant family killings.

There is no hope for this kind of human. There is no Western wrath enormous enough to match theirs; there is no way to turn these endlessly ill creatures of death around. Just as mankind went form Neanderthal to  fully erect homo sapiens (knowing man), one wonders if ISIS is a collective regression into a homo subspecies whose name has the word  "kill" in its Latin form.

ISIS will not be content until the world’s dry earth and seas are brimming blood. They will feel proud only when this happens, knowing they did this, knowing that the impulse to kill can’t be stopped. Hopefully, they’ll turn on one another, and then from our graves we can heave a long eternal sigh of relief.

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  1. Atrocious behaviour beneath and cloaked under the guise of religious and political legitimacy.