Monday, September 18, 2017


Staying at Vermont’s Phineas Swann B & B Inn, owners Lynne and Darren Drevik arranged two fabulous excursions for me with Keith Sampietro who together with his wife, Lori, brings you into days of adventure in the Green Mountains’ area. All  outings are custom designed to what you want; they’ll safely make your outdoor dream happen no matter how intrepid it may be. I was keen on taking a scenic tour starting from Montgomery Center where my B & B was located. 

Keith is an amazingly skilled man whose love of the outdoors is matched by his many skills. As head of Montgomery Adventures, nothing is impossible for him. He ably fulfills your outdoor wishes, and he does it safely. He is an Archery and Hunter Safety instructor, once placed third in America’s Nationals breast stroke competition. But perhaps what really blew my mind was the fact that Keith lived six months on a glacier in Alaska. His home was a tent, but he was on the move a lot as a musher with 35 dogs.
He presently owns 25 dogs in his basic-needs Montgomery Center home located in the back woods.


My first day with Keith and Lorie, I was treated to some pastoral views and lots of waterfalls.

Keith and Lori Sampietro at the Creamery Bridge

I was treated to many sites, including several of the seven remaining 19th-century covered bridges. There used to be 13. These vintage structures have made Montgomery Centre the covered bridge capital of America.

Keith introduced me  to water bubbling from mountains and to one of several new husky pups.

Keith is the proud owner of 37-year-old Patches, his 16-foot 6-inch
- long canoe. Despite many patches on it, it’s as safe as can be. Keith took me over to Belvedere Pond which offered close-up views of loons. I wanted to see loons on this September trip and Keith made it happen. Canoeing along quietly, we became visitors to a family of loons. We spent a good hour observing them.

The following day, we headed out to the Green River Reservoir, about 45 minutes away from the Phineas Swann B & B Inn. 

The staggering beauty of its 15-mile length is pristine purity at its finest. No motor boats are allowed, and the designated area for campsites positioned very far apart ensures number restriction for each site. It’s hard to believe the Green River Reservoir is part of a dam, but two rivers – one flowing in and one flowing out keep this environment fresh and natural.
Setting out on this vast bastion of clean water was humbling. I witnessed Keith’s herculean strength. 

 Out into the reservoir of beauty

He looked pretty relaxed, even though I had just watched him hoist Patches off the top of his Highlander vehicle, load tons of gear, including waist-high waterproof bags carrying heavy items, a heavy but sleek quiet electric motor into the wheel barrel and then take it to the shore where he had placed Patches. Finally he had to load everything all in the canoe.

Keith is extremely knowledgeable. He pointed to the many islands we passed, such as Finger Island. 

The beauty continued.

Nature' s bizarre creations stood out as we motored to the end of the lake.

 We were on our way to the wetlands to see if we could spot more birds and some otters. Although there were no otters, we watched some geese resting on the water. Mid lake, we saw two loon families with their babies. This was a joyous sighting for me. Keeping a distance we were able to get close enough to hear the little sounds of hooting they emitted, while overhead, we heard loon waling.  Sometimes we paddled; other times we simply stopped to hear the beauty of silence. We docked at campsite 13, to take a mini-stroll and enjoy the private tranquility of this remarkable reservoir.
Keith revealed that of all the places in Vermont he has trekked into, this is his favourite place. I agree. The waterholes I visited were rugged and refreshing, but this lake is unforgettable. 
Make sure to book with Montgomery Adventures to enjoy so many aspect of the North Kingdom. What ever you want, Keith will fulfill it. Lori organizes your own photography tour as well. Keith used to work as a professional photographer as well in Manhattan, but now he used his Lumix camera on each trip. Photos he takes are amazing and they are yours to keep. It would seem that your every wish becomes Keith and Lorie's command, and they do it without any hassles.
They are your personable multi-skilled guides. Getting to know them is as inspiring as the trips they take you on.


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  1. Vermont looks fabulous. Amazing photos! And it seems like a great company.

  2. My son [s] LOVED..the summer week long Canoe trip!!!!