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A Remarkable Restaurant Opens in Westmount
Starting in Montreal, Copper Branch now has restaurants in several parts of Canada. Renown for its complete commitment to plant-based cuisine, the company creates delicious dishes that reflect its forward-looking food philosophy. Each bite is an edible treasure where tantalizing taste and nutrition are in balance. Copper Branch contributes to bettering the world through healthy eating and various well-being projects it is involved in.

The Power of Hope, Inspiration and Hard Work
Byron Ruiz had been working in operations in Copper Branch. He believed in the company so much, and was looking for yet another challenge in the company, so together, with his life partner Christine Harries, co-owners, Michelle and Lorenzo DellaForesta  and with the blessing of Rio Infantino, president of Copper Branch, they opened up their own restaurant in Westmount, Quebec. They're all proud to be a part of the Copper Branch banner. Setting up the restaurant in Westmount demanded an intense renovation of the former framing store. Christine put her architectural engineering skills into high gear, and after about six months of rigorous work and everyone pulling together, the banner on a new Copper Branch location was happily hoisted.

Giving with Immeasurable Rewards
But the couple was not motivated by money to do this; rather it was brotherly love. Byron’s brother, Carlos had been diagnosed with T cell lymphoma, but his life-long hope never wavered. It had always been a dream of his to own a Copper Branch Restaurant – ever since the company first started in 2014.

Carlos Ruiz
“It is a gift for me to now be on board in a vital way with my family and friends supporting me all the time in the restaurant. My life really stopped when I got lymphoma and now it’s restarted. It is a total blessing for me to work close up and personal with it all – overseeing many aspects to our restaurant; I really love what Copper Branch is doing to better people’s lives. I also speak about cancer as well holding the Copper Branch banner. It has given me energy and a purpose. When I started here, my eating changed; lost weight and felt far more energized. The food we serve is prepared fresh and with much care. In fact, we are a community here – all supporting one another and spreading that key ingredient: love.”

Carlos with Christine Harries

A Menu that creatively involves the Customer
It’s kind of fun, but you can actually build your own dish with the many appetizing surprises Copper Branch has behind its counter. Substitute quinoa if you like in place of brown rice. I of course was mesmerized the healthy variety of offerings, and relied on Carlos to serve my companion and myself some of his recommendations. I totally loved the spicy black bean burger. The patty was made of black beans, sunflower seeds, sweet potato, brown rice and more. Its home-made South West Sauce was so tasty.  Perfectly shaped carrot keftedes that we dipped into aїoli creamy garlic set off other flavours of turmeric, fresh mint and fennel – to mention a few goodies in this number

Colourful and Inventive: the Taste of Health in Every Dish
Copper Branch offers four fabulous burgers and so many exotically tasty dishes. Even its sandwiches hold the promise of excitement. Imagine digging into the smoked tofu and grilled vegetable sandwich or how about the shitake teriyaki sandwich. I fell in love with the shitake mushrooms on first bite of the General Copper Bowl dish.  Carlos explained that these mushrooms are first dehydrated and then rehydrated. They were scrumptious and filling. I could have ordered a whole dish of them. 

New Astoundingly scrumptious Sandwich that Sent me into Lunch Lift-off Heaven
I returned shortly after the launch of Copper Branch's latest awesome addition: The  terrifically tasty maple bacon tempeh sandwich. I gobbled it up joyfully. Over nine layered ingredients and items go into this edible masterpiece, including, smoked maple tempeh, caramelized onions, Swiss Vegan cheese, BBQ mango sauce and sweet potatoes. The sauce is extraordinarily delicious; its addictive flavour brilliantly enhances the other items in the sandwich. The tempeh itself is marinated with tofu marinate, cinnamon and turmeric. Supremely healthy, YOU MUST ORDER THIS GOD-LIKE creation. 
I capped it off with the remarkable raspberry chia pudding that pours like a sauce into every spoonful. 

Five Power Bowls are offered with a base of several choices including brown rice, quinoa and Konjka noodles. Protein choices are exotic and include Tempeh, Smoked tofu, and Shitake. Flavours seem to travel the world: Greece, Asia, Mexico and the Mediterranean mix. You’ve got to try the basil dressing. It’s creamy and incredibly addictive. In fact, everything I had here was light, yet the variety of ingredients packed into each dish created a remarkable discovery experience for me. Layered with robust portions and flavours, each number had its own colourful presentation with interesting tastes – some spicy, some subtle, but never predictable or boring.

Carlos insisted I try the incredible gluten-free brownie made with cocoa and Zucchini. I was too full, so he handed it to me in his package and told me to make sure to heat it up with coffee. It was sensational! I also tried the cashew lime cheesecake; it was interesting. By the way, Copper branch coffee is an exclusive, organic home-made blend. It is Fair Trade, Swiss filtered and of the highest quality. It’s served with coconut milk, soya or almond milk. No lactose milk here. Copper Branch is a way of life. I’m on board.  

Good news!
They cater for personal and business events.
Copper Branch is located at 5003 Sherbrooke West, at the corner of Claremont in Westmount. Call (514) 379-4616.
They’re on Face book. Look them up at Copper Branch Westmount.

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