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Remarkable Results with your Hair Happens Here
I’m not one to go to hairdressers. I have unruly, wiry hair that makes scissor-wielding salon employees very nervous. Suffice it to say that stylists and I don’t really mesh; cutting and colouring my own hair has been my modus operandi for years. But that recently changed during a lucky chance encounter with Irene Weinstein, owner of St. Laurent Hair Salon Coiffure in Westmount Square.

Irene Weinstein

Time for a Radical Change
Throwing caution to the wind, I stepped inside her spacious salon. I was immediately put at ease. The calm yet cheery atmosphere was reflected in the clients’ smiles.  I felt relaxed here. It wasn’t boisterously noisy, just nice; I certainly didn’t feel like I was in a hair assembly line.


           Irene  pleasantly greets you

“I want to make you feel like you’re in your own living room”, said Irene who has owned St. Laurent for fourteen years. Formerly, Charles of Westmount, the salon’s now highly appealing white and red interior is the result of her extensive reno. Irene commented that the place has great synergy, and I couldn't agree more. Many factors contribute to this.

Thirty expert professionals, including hairdressers, colorists, make-up artists and manicurists make the magic happen. 

  Warm and authentic, St. Laurent was about to become a haven of  hope for my hair.

In the shampoo area, the smiles continued. Pablo, one of such happy shampoo specialist magnificently washed my hair using Awapuni shampoo; it’s specially formulated for treated hair. 

St. Laurent is a Saco-affiliated salon. Its full line of hair products is a beauty blessing for us all, as Saco – a London, England based company – uses all organic ingredients; they are all vegan! 

                                   St. Laurent's Saco product line embodies                                                                                 its distinct signature of outstanding hair care.                       

A Spectacular Hair Cut!

Hedy was my appointed hairdresser. Her 38 years of experience here and abroad was awesomely reflected in her masterful handling of the scissors.

Every lightning speed stroke with the scissors was done with passion and heart. The calibre of expertise reflects in the type of professionals dedicated to enhancing our own distinct beauty at St Laurent.

Hedy happily handled my hair – all unevenly cut (by me). I began to see a transformation happening – snip by snip. And there were a lot of them. No lazy fingers with these talented hair dressers. As I looked around the room, I witnessed them transform, enhance and handle hair masterfully. They inspire confidence. They know just what to do, so surrender yourself. All of St.  Laurent’s hairdressers will offer you their advice and a free consultation. I walked out of there beaming ear to ear. It was an utterly enjoyable experience. Thank you so much St. Laurent Salon Coiffure for boosting my outer self image and my inner one too. I will be back!

Before the hair cut

After the hair cut

I was happy

St. Laurent Salon Coiffure’s  address is 
1 Westmount Square, suite C 260 in Montreal.
Call (514) 934-3000.  
The website is:

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