Monday, April 2, 2018

JALOUSIE (Directed by David Foenkinos & Stéphane Foenkinos)*****

A great film that shows the comedic and dramatic talents of the incredibly beautiful Karin Viard who plays Nathalie, a literature professor who suffers from non-stop jealousy – over her daughter’s looks – over a suitor who happens to innocently watch the daughter pass by the dinner table one night at her mom’s home, over young women, over a new young teacher who poses a threat to her own class. Nathalie becomes vindictive and nasty. She occidentally causes an allergic reaction in her daughter who is auditioning for the ballet Opera. Nathalie is in denial about her bizarre and dangerous behaviour, yet somehow the film makes it funny. Nathalie is in need of help but it seems to come very late in her journey of jealousy. I loved this film; its message is clear: middle-aged women suffer from self-doubt and more. Let’s face it too. French women are rather gorgeous, so it must be a all the more tricky to "compete" with others who are young. (Screened at Montreal’s 2017 Cinemania Festival)

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