Monday, September 30, 2019

Armand Heights is Salt Spring Island’s Dream B and B


Imagine staying in the loftiest of spots – 1000 feet above sea level on Salt Spring  Island, British Columbia  – an  idyllic place brimming beautifully with bounteous gardens, birdsong and  rolling hills topped with trees competing with outstanding ocean and mountain views . Blue hues and pillowy clouds float overhead. Welcome to Armand Heights... and its wonderful owner, Irina Florecke 

Irina Floreke
                                  Irina is full of humor and adorably genuine.

Even with the rain, the view is spectacular

Garden Splendour

Nestling on six acres of land, the area literally bears fruit to the island’s most fertile of areas. Irina Floreck, Armand Height’s vivacious, totally generous and prodigiously hard-working owner Irina takes care of this land and you.  This is the place to relax and feel on top of the world in every way.  Don’t be surprised if you find yourself just wanting to hang around the grounds and Irina. 

                                                     Irina with grape leaves from her garden

                                                Enjoy the gifts growing on her land
                                                       Time to make a toast

After arriving, Irina soon led me to her cozy wine cellar laden with shelves of wine bottles full of her home-made wines. Using the fruit from the trees that grow on her property, she produces these wines all on her own. From pear, plum and passion fruit, to apricot, grape,  apple and pomegranate,  these wines have taken first prize on the island for six straight years, until she recently decided it was time to put the cork permanently on her  contest entries  during Saltspring’s Fall Fair contests, so others could take the win.

Irina’s cakes breads, cookies and pies also garnered island acclaim.  Her Xmas cookies became a huge hit often made with berries growing wild at her place. No fruit falls on the land unused. After all, it’s been designated as an agricultural farmland, and for 21 years, it’s benefited from Irina’s brilliant green thumb.
 Soon after purchasing Armand Heights, she hatched a plan. Why not raise chickens? The eggs she collects are eaten by her guests and residents of the island that she sells at the Tuesday  Farmer’s  market in town and  in unmanned little stalls for people to pick up their eggs using the honour system of payment.

Tuesday's Farmer's Market

Laurence Popoff lends a helping hand

 But perhaps what has guests gawking the most - before stepping inside their room  -  are the 200 different varieties of roses she grows, includlng hybrids. Adding to this flourish of  colour are kiwi, pawpaw, cherry and hazelnut trees and the list goes on.  

 Room Luxury: classy, clean and ultra                                  comfortable

  Four spacious suites offer spectacular views of the sea and mountains. Sit on your balcony or luxuriate in the outdoor Jacuzzi while imbibing Irina’s complimentary wine. 

The beds are huge, and my bed (Ocean Vista Room) – perfect for the romantically inclined -boasted a thick blanket inside the satiny cotton. This unique blanket was made from organic wool as was the mattress. I slept like a lamb (no pun intended). And what a view to wake up to!

Each room is impeccably clean with just the right amount of high-end furniture and art - all awesomely appointed. Bathrooms are big with huge showers. Mine had   ahis and her sink plus a big Jacuzzi. Irina even supplies gorgeous cotton bath robes,slippers and top-of-the- line toiletries including, cleansing Micellar water. Each room comes with a sleek TV, microwave, fridge, coffee make, and of course WiFi is everywhere. Floor to ceiling windows offer serendipitous views.

                                                  A well-seasoned Chef 

Talk about being pampered. Irina  brings her gourmet home-made breakfast right to your room. 

photo credit: Laurence Popoff

                                          She bakes her own bread from scratch.

Dinners are delectable, so  if you want to eat  dinner here, just let Irina know ahead of time. One night she made borscht. Unbelievably savory!
and used the caramelized onion sauce from part of the borsch as a dressing for my fresh filling and delicious. seasoned with herbs from her garden.   Her dinners are so delicious, no one wanted  to drive into Ganges town to eat out .  Part ham herself, I asked her to pose for me before she went  of to volunteer at the thrift shop in Ganges. She indulges you all the time but still makes room to give back to the community. 

“I love to make people happy, to make sure everything's perfect, especially for my guests“

Although Heights is a peacefully tranquil cocoon for total unwinding, it's only a 7-minute drive away from Ganges, the main town. 

If you like to hike and/or swim in a lake, just step outside Armand Height's door; you’ll find it all here. Armand  Heights is your paradise.


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  1. I absolutely love this place. The nature outside, views and rooms look amazing.
    I love that top room and the other rooms but the one with that couch, I wanted to be there already. Totally beautiful.
    I have never heard of this B and B before on the island, so .
    I was happy to read this wonderful article you wrote.. Thank you nancy for finding this special palce to write about. You really brought it to life,

  2. My oh my, is there anything the brilliant Irina cannot do? Does this gorgeous lady have time to sleep? Armand Height’s looks like something straight out of a contemporary fairy tale. As both a wine and rose lover, I am enchanted! And those rooms! So elegant yet inviting. I suspect that once installed, I would never want to leave. You've made me green with envy, Nancy. Brilliant writing!

  3. A stay at Armand Heights sounds like an enchanted dream come true! My oh my, is there anything the gorgeous Irina can't do brilliantly? The mere notion of her 200 variety of roses had me longing to be transported to Armand Heights. Moreover, the freshly laid eggs, prize-winning homemade wine and island acclaimed baked goods sound absolutely irresistible. And those exquisitely appointed rooms with their majestic views!—the essence of elegance and comfort. Armand Heights reminds me of a setting in a contemporary fairy tale, one I'd love to visit and be reluctant to leave. Thank you tenfold, Nancy, for introducing me to this magical place on Salt Spring Island.

    Grace in Montreal

  4. Wow! This B and B is nothing short of magical! Irina's talents are unparalleled. How can one person make delicious gourmet food, grow such a large variety of plants, furnish rooms so tastefully and still have time to raise chickens? Armand Heights is undoubtedly the height of luxury!