Monday, September 30, 2019

Scott Lissa: A Realtor who lives in Nanaimo, BC. He Takes Care of You

      He knows Nanaimo real estate like no other

It’s rare to find an agent who appreciates your nervousness and confusions as an out-of-town client in need of just about everything, including escorting you everywhere. Lissa not only picked me up at the Nanaimo Airport, but he brought me to my B and B.
The first day was pretty much hit and miss as I really did not know where I wanted to live. 
Scott literally goes the extra mile for you. He took me to towns around Nanaimo, including Qualicum Beach and Park City, even Ladysmith and Chemainus on the way to see a house on Salt Spring Island.  accompanied me there, paid for all gas and even the boat ride over to the island. I wish he had had more time with me, but the guy is super busy. But, I really did not see a house I wanted and he had no more time for second visits. 
It rained most of the time I was there, and Scott decided to blame it on me. Yes, he does have a sense of humour underneath that serious expression. I believe Scott really cares about the person he works with. He does get busy, so book him up well in advance.
All and all, he showed me some darn interesting houses, most of which sold as soon as I had returned to Montreal. I was not ready to make an offer; it was mainly an exploratory trip to even see if I liked what I saw. I began to love the laid-back charm of each place I saw along with the friendly manner of people I met.
He seems to know so much about BC real estate and the laws, so out-of-towners would do well to pick his brain. In the end, he didn’t find me the house that made my heart stop, but that is partially because prices out there are much higher than out east.
Scott is a pleasure to use as an agent. His intentions to find you a house are sincere, and he DOES NOT pressure you. I think that is what I liked the most about him.
He works with many non-BC residents and of course locals as well. If he’s out to make a fast buck, he sure doesn’t show it. His patience is awesome. 

Ask him though to make listings on hard copy for you and to show you where you are on the map area if you are really new to it all.
Scott Lissa
Home Specialist                            Email him


             ·         1551 Estevan Rd #202
                 ·         Nanaimo, BC V9S 3Y5
                         ·         M: 250.618.5158
                                     ·         O: 250.591.4601

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