Saturday, September 7, 2019


Are we women drawn to helping others whom we don't even know, no matter the danger we might put ourselves in? 
 Ask yourself:
Do you create your your own dare? Think of your experiences, your drives that plunged you into the unknown. how long did you think about it before actually doing it? Not long, right? What happened? Did you have to sacrifice pieces of friendships by doing it? Did others disdain you for your courage that they did not have?
Has the terrible visited your health, and the journey into deterioration gets worse every day as does the pain? Are you still working on climbing up that daunting mountain to make your health better? Do you despair when you slip back down a bit?
Has hope gotten you through the day or simply that you do not know what will happen to you that day. You are a heroine with little protection, and that defines you: valiant, strongly independent and full of tears to shed fears that do nothing to shield you from anything. You see, you are a heroine without a helmet. Embrace it, as you are a rare remarkable human being; you just don’t know 

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