Saturday, May 16, 2020

RED ROVER (Directed by Shane Belcourt)****

A gem of a quirky film that is highly improbably yet somehow probable. David meets Phoebe, a kooky singer who convinces him he really out to try to apply for Red Rover is Calling Out to You, an org searching for contestants willing and able to go to Mars and stay there. David’s ex-girlfriend is living upstairs with a new guy and David is relegated to the basement. He also loses his job. He’s fed up with life. Every day he goes to the beach with his Geiger counter searching for something specific, but we do not know what. We only find out at the end he finds. Phoebe and David are tow opposites. He is a classic nerd geologist and she is a free-spirited artist. She produces the video for him that wins favour with the folks who decide he is perfect to go to Mars. But will he? The ending was a disappointment for me. But l won’t give away the spoiler. Filmed in Toronto, the acting was spacey good.

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