Wednesday, February 1, 2017

La Burger, San Miguel de Allende, Big Burgers with Gourmet Goodness

                                        Brilliant, Yummy and Colourful

When Carolina Echeverría opened up her burger place in September last year,

she brought her class, warmth and sweetness to this hot spot’s funky, fun red

and green coated interior – the colours of the revolutionary flag in Mexico and

of course of Christmas. La Burger is a cheery place and you know why once you

look at the menu with its Chilean taste accents – primarily cumin, and wheat is

more common than corn. Chef, Francisco Acuña is from Chile, and Carolina

herself has lived there.

Carolina’s aunt’s grand-mom created the remarkable recipe for the goat cheese

empanada I enjoyed. It was so delicate, so tender to bite into. The salsa boracha

added punch to it if you wanted to add it as a pour-upon.

In Chile, beef is not ground to make hamburgers; it is chopped into tiny pieces,

and it sure adds nice texture. I ordered one of their famous burgers with goat

cheese caramelized onions, tomatoes, pickles and lettuce, cucumbers, baby

carrots, sunflower seeds filled my burger. In fact, all the fixings – veggies and

more all come from Salpa’s organic farm.

Big on beef, La Burger’s entrees even include lamb and pork ribs.

I went gaga over the three desserts I had: the cheese cake with raspberry was

light in texture and divine; the caramel flan was fantastic and the bitter

chocolate brownie was brilliant. I loved the fact that La Burger serves extremely

classy homemade desserts. They are as royally remarkable as the burgers are.

Carolina told me that in Chile, there is a custom that every Sunday the family

gathers around to enjoy a barbecue. I believe that this homey ambiance carries

into her restaurant. Her daughter, Maya and son, Michael are also part of the

cuisine team. I am so pleased there is a place in the world that brings wood-fired

burgers to classy heights of tantalizing taste. I mean, how many burger places

have a wine list? La Burger has a big one.

La Burger is located on Jesus No 5. Look for the red and green flag on its façade.

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Carolina Echeverría is also a real estate agent with Colonial Real Estate in San Miguel.

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