Friday, February 24, 2017

Montreal Symphony Orchestra Inspires with Brahms and Goes Beyond

An exciting program of stellar beauty
 Maison Symphonique, February 22,

The excitement was palpable as people piled into the stunning Maison Symphonique. 

M. Pouliot enthralled us with his performance of Erich Wolfgang Korngold’s “Violin Concerto in D major, op.35.” His sensitivity was magical. His virtuosity was most notable throughout the piece where 3 movements brought moods of sentimental sweetness and sadness where high-note diminuendos showed exceptional control that wowed us. These moments mixed tenderly with robust melodic passages that seemed to foreshadow the exhilarating finish. It was pure genius. His exuberance brought new meaning to the word “vivace” – part of the finale’s moniker.

Blake Pouliot

Vasily petrenko
Although the program opened with “Plages” – a piece by Serge Gallant – this daring composition stood in a striking contrast to Korngold’s gentle music meant for Holly movies. Gallant’s work vividly suggested a Hitchcock horror film or a Magritte surreal painting with its minimalist images.  The 12-minute composition was interesting and dramatic; crescendos, ethereal moments and ominous moods steeped in instrumental dissonance made “Plages” a poignant piece of alarming music.

The final wondrous work, Brahms’s “Symphony no. 1 in C minor, op. 68” comprised four main movements – the last offering 4 contrasting parts that built from and Adagio to and Allegro con brio. This complex piece that opens with a percussive boom in repetition journeys into a woven series of melodic developments that switch keys. One part gracefully repeated a melody suggestive of Beethoven. Lyrical in line, and profound, the culminating trumpet call at the end surely gave the work its well-deserved standing ovation that capped the entire evening’s triumphant performance.

photo credit: Nancy

Responsible for leading the orchestra into a passionate display of musical brilliance was Vasily Petrenko. Is it any wonder, the title of the concert was Brahms According to Vasily Petrenko!


non-captioned photos by Cindy Tom

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  1. Ah my dear once again you have waved your magic wand of words and awakened our senses to share with us this beautiful concert...thank you Nancy!