Friday, March 10, 2017

Botanical Garden’s Natural Wonders: Voted Puerto Vallarta’s third best site by Trip Advisor

Nature lover, Robert Price, founded the Vallarta Botanical Garden in 2004, and with the endless flourishing species that cover this haven of 60 acres, Mr Price –  the gardens’ curator – continues to give much love to its appealing tapestry of natural colours and sounds – a natural habitat for over 211 bird species as well.

I took many photos; the ones you see here represent a fraction of its floral munificence.

I wandered into four conservatories each featuring native Mexican plants, cacti and succulent plants, orchids and rhododendrons. There’s even a peace garden whose international plants represent universality. This tranquil area is crowned with a multi-faith church at the top of the ascending stairs.  


An extraordinary accomplishment is the Tillandsia House. Highly popular in North America, Europe and most recently in Asia, tillandisia has finally arrived here:  the gardens is the first public structure to display these amazing plants in Mexico.

 Walking trails reveal themselves naturally; they’re not manicured inventions.  Within the plethora of flowers and exotic trees, coffee, vanilla and cocoa plants thrive  here.


One of my favourite paths was the remarkable Horcones River Trail.  Waters descend from surrounding canyons, converging to create a natural swimming basin.  Bordering the trail is constant cascading water circling around huge round rocks. It’s beautiful.


Your ticket into the gardens is good for two consecutive days, but make sure you eat upstairs; the food is sensational, and don’t leave without visiting the lovely gift area.
 You can also book this excursion at the hotel. I decided to take the 2 buses you need in order to reach this rewarding destination.  Then again, you can always hop in a taxi.
The gardens’ educational programs receive donations that qualify for the Canadian Children’s Shelter of Hope Foundation, and for many garden projects.
 For more information, visit the website:  Email them at:

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  1. The Botanical Garden is absolutely a nature lover and lover of flowers and plants. and the specific bird species and insects they attract... this is the garden for me....i doubt very much two days would be enough time for me to take it all in, but this is by far the most beautiful garden i have ever seen! Once again i thank you Nancy Snipper for sharing your experience with us and taking all those pictures for me to swoon over!