Friday, March 10, 2017

Garza Blanca's Stunning Residency Reserve

Las Palmas can Escort you to this stunning 5-diamond development
Imagine staying in Puerto Vallarta’s most illustrious hotel.  Garza Blanca is a private residence club that offers membership through an innovative system.
gives you access to all Garza Blanca developments in the country: Puerto Vallarata, Cabo San Lucas and Cancun. 

I was taken to the Mousia Hotel to visit its studio. WOW! I also went inside another of its six spectacular buildings – each located in a cocoon of idyllic Pacific Ocean beauty.  I marveled at the infinity pool situated on the roof over a drop dead paradise view to the ocean and circular pools far below. It is said to be the largest on the continent. Walk inside the area, and you’ll feel like royalty. 

Mr. Fernando Gonzales Corona (not the same man who owns Corona beer) owns the Garza Blanca development. He has made ultra luxury accessible to the world.


 If you wish to visit the premises, simply see Jorge at Las Palmas Hotel, and he will accompany you there. You will be served a glorious breakfast high above the panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean.  

 A 75-minute personal presentation then follows to give you the opportunity to own your little piece of paradise year-round or for some weeks. 

 I wasn’t able at this time to purchase through their points program, despite the low price options presented to me by Alison who worked hard to make it happen for me; but I did hear the popping of champagne bottles, signifying some lucky people had become part of the luxurious Garza Blanca’s Residency haven. The Sierra Madres 450 acre- jungle setting surrounding the hotel sweetened by tropical birdsong is hypnotically tranquil. Unforgettable!

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  1. Garza Blanca is a real jewel! The wildlife surrounding the area must be stunning...not to mention that gorgeous pool...and the convenience of self contained units to make your stay more a nature photographer i think this is the place for me! Thank you once again for sharing this amazing place with your readers! This is definitely a place i wish to visit!