Sunday, July 22, 2018

KAMAKAZE TAXI (Directed by Masuto Harada) ***

Tatsuo, a brazen young gangster and a pimp tries to avenge his girl friend's brutal murder ordered by a Senator of Tokyo's  criminal world. He escapes the clutches of the senator's henchmen inside a taxi driven by a calm, honest driver with a past as frightening as Tatsuo's present world.  His name is Kanatake, and he's spent his young years in Peru living with Indians with his doctor father. his good father met a gruesome end.Tatsuo develops a relationship with him as the meter keeps ticking as they cover 100s of miles trying to escape being caught. He's stolen the Senator's money and done some killing himself. But Tatsuo's fate is not a happy one, and Kanatake takes up with the revenge started by his passenger. Their paths cross with a strong coincidence that urges them both on. made in 1995, the film combines typical Japanese deadpan lines and moments of absurd character humour with a permanent darkness that stains the criminal world they all Festival)

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