Wednesday, July 25, 2018

BUY BUST (Directed by Eric Matti) ***

Nina Manigan is part of a tough training cop squad. She’s been transferred to this new rookie squad after having lost her own squad in a shoot-out over drugs. They are about to entrap Biggie, the leader of this huge drug ring when everything goes form bad to rotten. Welcome to the squalor of the slums of Manila. Murder, mayhem and a riot resulting in a sea of killings, perpetrated by everyone, including the locals living in these tin tumbledown dwellings show everyone is against the police and the drug kings.
It really is a bloodbath movie graphically showing endless ways to cut up, stab, shoot, strangle, bat- beat and bludgeon those in your way. There is a Judas in the police force, but only the ending reveals who it is. Manigan saves the day of course. She’s a hero of comic book dimensions. (Screened at the New York Asian Film Festival)

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