Sunday, July 22, 2018


Based on a Japanese manga series, Inuyashiki garnered the honours of being in Fantasia’s Cheval Noir Competition. This is a supernatural-based film that pits good against evil. One night the ageing Inuyshiki is hit by a strange explosion as is a young man and both become mechanical super-powered android, much in the vein of Robocop. However, Inuyashiki uses his powers to heal people; the other uses his powers like a psychopath to kill indiscriminately. Inuyashiki is almost bullied by his wife and teen daughter. It could well be a case of elder abuse. AS his daughter gets caught in the evil one’s destruction, her own father comes to her rescue. It seems to be Japan's remake of Superman in many ways, this Hollywood type film deftly pits these two compelling nemeses against one another in original ways that rely on excellent special effects and our own suspension of disbelief.(Screened at new York Asian Film Festival)


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