Friday, July 13, 2018

THE LOOMING STORM (Directed by Dong Yue) ****

The film begins in 2008, but the time is set in1997.  China is deconstructing and Hong Kong is where many wish to now live, including the hero’s girlfriend, a prostitute. The film starts with three gruesome murders.Yu Guowie (Duan Yihong) is a security man awarded for his ability to catch thieves. He is intent on catching the murderer. This film captures the deadly grey of Hunan province, the destruction of people's lives and the weather  disaster that eventually ruins everyone. That part really did happen. I loved this film. Brilliant acting with a Hitchcock feel, it’s a gritty mystery but a lot more Too bad the ending was anti-climatic. (Screened at the New York Asian Film Festival).

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