Tuesday, July 19, 2016

58 Palette-Pleasing Food Trucks all over Quebec!

        PEDRO food app right on your cell for round-the-city feasting
July 19th

Food fans are going to fall for Pedro (no he’s not a Latin lover), just a pretty app for your cell phone that points the way to a great food truck serving up grand specialties in your Montreal area.  What a great idea! Brain child of Gaëlle Cerf and Guy-Vincent Melo – co-founders of  ARRQ, the Association des restaurateurs de rue de Québec (Quebec Food Truck Association) are providing 58 member trucks for residents of and visitors to Quebec cities; many are parked in Montréal  high volume neighborhoods.

Press on the Pedro app to locate your favourite one parked right in your area. Don’t be tricked into thinking, it’s a truck stop for fast food. Not at all! Premier quality food whose recipes as remarkable as your grandma’s are at your fingertips now with Pedro, and many of these trucks reflect some of the gourmet food served in their respective restaurants.
But not all trucks offer their own restaurant, so this is a great way to banish your famished side right on the street. Pedro not only locates restaurants for you, but lets you view the menu real fast and easily. “It’s a personal food-shopping assistant that knows you tastes, alerts you when one of your favourite food trucks is nearby, and even has a look-ahead feature to let you know which trucks are scheduled to be near your workplace,” said Gaëlle Cerf.

So here’s my look at three of the trucks that came for the PEDRO launch. First off, the food is crazy good and super healthy. I tasted delicious Mexican offerings from Mi Corazon’s tempting truck menu. Each sampling was tasty true to Mexican menu flavours. Using spices from Mexico, I sampled spicy Mexican sausages, dishes flowing with fabulous frijoles and cheese, corn dogs and Chipotte with fries and mayo. The names of the dishes are a hoot, such as Poutine “Dirty Martinez” and “Taco Donald Trump” 
As Rafael describes says, the latter:  “It’s mainly tongue and a little bit of brain” This dish is so original: pickled onion, beef tongue, tartar sauce, boiled egg, guacamole and capers. It’s probably the only place where Trump could win popularity! Lemon and strawberry and hibiscus drink was delicious. Eight exceptional dishes were served from Mi Corazon. Head chef, Rafael Martinez, whose parentage is both Mexican and French Canadian, is a “ multiple taco beau creator” –  four different ones offered the day of the launch from the Mi Carazon truck.
Then I moved over for more freshness and savoury tastings at the Landry et Filles truck. I was handed the beautiful buckwheat crepe I sampled. The buckwheat is grown in New Brunswick. My demure crepe was cooked on one side, making it single-sided crusty and on the other uncooked side – it was tender and soft. Fennel and lovely herbs topped salmon. Capers, salad, cream cheese and caviar accented the entire creation, and it was outstanding –  and all this from a truck. I also was served this stunning lemon cookie square covered in a sweet lemony hard coating. It was a royal winner.
 Finally, Super truck offers an assortment of great of…..Well, I’ll let that be your taste bud, served from-the truck surprise!
Pedro is “geolocatable” street food. It is available from the Apple Store and Google Play. Go get it, and enjoy your favourite food from a fun truck.

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