Friday, July 29, 2016

Walter’s Basin in Holderness, New Hampshire

                                 Feasting lakeside after a lovely loon cruise
What a fabulous menu of American cuisine – the best of it. Gary Chaffee, the chef is simply cooking up quality ribs, pasta, seafood and several of your chicken favourites using an unparallel palette-pleasing assortment of flavours. I was delighted to see that gluten-free dishes were on this menu in both the main dishes and appetizers. That’s rare, and it shows that the concept behind the creation of the dishes is sophisticated and mindful of health. Sitting at the lakeside restaurant of Squam Lakes was relaxing and wholly fitting to the royal food I chose to have. I ordered the Ahi-tuna starter on a crispy won-ton adorned with tiny strips of seaweed topped with a crescent of avocado. Deliciously addictive!
 Then came my clam chowder soup that was thick and oh so satisfying; it is freshly made. A thick hunk of brisket arrived as another appetizer on a sweetish bun. Tender and subtly flavoured, this filling creation was original. Diving into a key lime pie perfectly suited my dessert yen. It was so irresistible, I wanted the recipe. I then and sinfully admit I wanted to taste their dessert specialty – though the menu offered an embarrassment of royal choices. This was a bumble berry pie with whipped cream and ice cream on the plate. The sweet raspberries, rhubarb, apples and blueberries filled me until I waddled out like the docks swimming on the lake. 
By the way, their exotic coffees with alcohol are the best I have ever tasted in my travels. The Mad River beans (the name of the coffee) are ground freshly in nearby Campton – a coffee coup for New Hampshire’s lake region. The wine list is just right, and their drinks have names that sport humour and originality to reflect their concoctions; some are named after islands in Lake Winnipesaukee. I hear the Rattlesnake is to die for (no pun intended) Come by boat or on land; or even if you have to swim to get there, Walter’s Basin offers bounteous feasting.

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