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In Manchester, New Hampshire, Margaritas has all tongues wagging. It’s a fabulous restaurant totally dedicated to Mexican dishes, drinks and Mexican culture in ways that are close up and palpably pleasing, Owners, John  and Dave Pelletier love the country so much, they created a superb haven for immersing us in the country, cuisine and its causes with a variety  of surprises that are utterly impressive and inspiring.   With its 27 locations in New England, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Margaritas makes its invaluable  - not to mention tasty - mark in America.

Known for its drinks and wraparound big bar, Margaritas has created great exotic ones such as Russelrita with its creamy, smooth raspberry and strawberry flavours;  Pepino, that’s big on habanero lime, mint and cucumber and two more originals, called  Blood Orange is a real favourite. 

 Tortilla chips and salsa come free to your table.

I had the Naked Coconut that lived up to its name in such a refreshing way. Bartenders  make the margarita mix – all with fresh puree for the fruit ones. No bottled flavours here!  The wrap-around bar is so inviting and a popular hotspot.
I returned twice to Maragritas. I loved the cheese enchilada, beef taco, the crusty – oh-so-good mini chicken chimichanga.

 I have to encourage you to start with that cheese enchilada from the alacarte menu. It was divine with its sweetish cream sauce and the corn tortilla.

 The black beans are as good as the guacamole you’ll get in several dishes, such as the fajita salad and Enchiladas Banderas.  

The dessert I indulged in was mama mia amazing: Margaritas Famous Fried Ice Cream. It’s a huge ball-shaped delight of vanilla ice cream within a salty crushed pretzel shell. Covered in chocolate sauce or honey or both – if you want to go all out – this super sweet-and-salty creation is unforgettable.
 As you eat and drink, the Mexican music and décor adds further sensory pleasure. It creates an atmosphere that colourfully captures all the flavours in the food. 

Every piece of furniture, every tile, every vase, mask and statue and comes from the country. Spacious and seductive with its vivid colourful lighting, you’ll feel like you truly are in Mexico

Fabulous programs bring children into the restaurant to view the art, learn about the culture and even how to make guacamole during a presentation. Exchange programs to heighten awareness bring both cultures together; many Mexicans come here to present their craft.
There is so much going on at Margaritas to bring Mexican culture directly to Manchester’s folks. It the owners’ mandate that deliciously appeals to everyone who mixes at Margaritas.

The address is: 1037 Elm Street, Manchester, New Hampshire
Call +1 903-647-7717
The website is

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