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George Lawrence owns this central popular foodie nook, along with seven Red Arrow Restaurants in New Hampshire; one is right here in Manchester – a cute diner just up the street from Midtown Café. In fact, this hard working septuagenarian business man is so energetic, every morning, he strides into his office, located in the opulent, beautiful Beacon Building which he also owns. Its sleek interior houses the Midtown Cafe.

With 600 employees working for his corporation restaurant “empire”, George knew his people needed a really convenient place for his people to duck into, pick up a coffee, leafy green salads, sandwiches and other healthy wholesome goodies.  So he opened up the Midtown Café. Although it closes at 2 pm, his Red Arrow Restaurants - renowned for its oversized portions - are open 24/7.
There’s nothing like starting your morning with great coffee, a complete egg breakfast - there’s even a breakfast burrito. But for my money, I made Midtown’s amazing huge freshly baked muffins my morning staple.

Best is, Midtown Café has a variety including cranberry and orange, lemon, and blueberry. They’re exciting and addictive. Cookies are also baked on the spot. In fact, all preparations happen right before you.  With a great assortment of breads, sandwiches are never boring.  Eight different savory kinds satisfy with filling variety. For example,

 The delectable “Nynex” is filled with turkey, Swiss cheese, avocado, spinach, hummus and tomato embodies the generous factor in every serving, including soups, paninis, B.L.Ts  and the unique turkey club with quality apple wood bacon. served on the bread you wish. 

I loved the barbecue chicken George recommended I order on a Wednesday. Pretty tasty!
 There are lots of tables to eat at inside, but I gravitated to the the outdoor tables just outside the cafe where a group of male friends meet almost every day. They invited me to join them. I not only had great food at this perfect little café, but also lots of laughs.  Such friendliness marks Midtown Café. It’s an edible gem.

Midtown Café is located at 814 Elm Street inside the Beacon Building.
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