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A world-class gallery of gorgeous art and community-focused programs

In Manchester, New Hampshire, a truly stunning yet unimposing building is home to masterpieces ranging from the 17th-century to the 20th-century by American artists, but some rooms are devoted to European artists as well. 

 In fact, as your tour to view the pleasing series of displays, be assured, you’ll never get lost, as rooms flow into one another a circular design. Beautiful and full of variety, the eyes feast on paintings, sculpture, glass work, unique objects, furniture, miniature cameos and illustrations. 

The Currier is exciting with three floors full of surprise. its palatial in style but without grandiosity.

Founded in 1929, The Currier is home to 13,000 works by such greats as Picasso, Wyeth, Monet and O’Keefe - to mention some.

When I visited it in August, the astonishing work of three children’s illustrators was part of a special exhibition, called Beyond Words.

 As children’s book author and having just created an award-winning 3-minute short animation film, I fully appreciated their gifted talentsalong with the Discovery Gallery for kids.

Illustrator, David Caroll gave a book reading and entertained the children. He also did a book signing. His nature drawings of animals and trees are phenomenal. The turtles he drew were exquisite.

The Currier is totally integrated into the community. Every month fabulous events take place that get kids and adults creating art and learning about art, music and more and how it all relates to art.  Have you ever heard of a museum that sponsors a cafĂ© for Alzheimer’s sufferers to enjoy art for a day with loved ones? This caring museum did this.
 The museum also invites distinct artists to do an event or run workshops. These special events can include bead artists, showcase installations, art camps -  to actually the painting of real tree trunks in blue. This unique event, called The Blue Trees, happens September 24th..The artist is Konstantin Dimopoulos. 

The Currier Museum is one of most delightful and stimulating museums I have ever visited. I love its human ambiance within glorious art at every turn.
The Museum is located at 150 Ash Street, Manchester, New Hampshire.
The website is:
Call: (603) 669-6144

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