Saturday, September 17, 2016

BEAUTY BITES BEAST (Directed by Ellen Snortland) *****

An important compellingly crafted documentary that vividly analyzes history’s absolute denial, flippancy and absence in any laws and legislature charting the right for women to learn self-defense. Nothing exists to help women, who are just told not to go out at night.

Every angle of self-defense is brought up, including a discussion about the femininity issue. Using animation, real self-defense trainers, and experts in women’s issues, the filmmaker, who authored the book, proves  in this film her point for the need for such classes and the cavalier comments made by politicians on the topic. 

 Ms.Snortman travels to real-time self-defence classes held in North Dakota, Boston, Minnesota and Jerusalem, Juarez and Tijuana as experts from Impact personal Safety Learning put into action techniques both physical and psychological to train women of all ages in self-defense. We meet over 30 people all over the world who have made this topic their life passion. They include Lisa Gaeta, Founder and CEO of Impact,  Dr. Riane Rider, author of the “Chalice and the Blade”, Delores Huerta, Co-founder of the United farm workers who garnered the Presidency Medal, several psychotherapists, such as Peter Vance  and one company owner who offers his workers these classes in Oaxaca.
Ms. Snortland does not just present a show and tell on the subject but is able to move us by testimony from women in Africa and the USA who have endured male violence.
The results of Impact are readily visible in the rebirth of these adult women – now with confidence and armed with the knowledge that they deserve to protect themselves and most importantly, they now know how.. If only though men and women could live in peace. Size does not matter when peace does.

Screened at this year’s Montreal World Film festival, this was one of the few films that everyone should have seen, men and women alike of all ages!


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  2. I am delighted to see this film received as was intended, a wake up call for our times, for all time. No one is safe until we are all safe ! Ms Snortland's film goes a long way in demonstrating where our minds can open and acquire new skills that make each of us more secure .

  3. Thank you for your comment. Many readers on my site are reading this article that tires to reflect the importance of the film so eloquently directed by Ms. Snortland. It is vitally important we all know how to attempt defending ourselves. Empowerment through this mind-set with courses that prepare us to fend off potential perpetrators should be a must in today's society.