Sunday, September 4, 2016


(Directed by Erez Mizahai & Sahar Shavit)

An important film that demonstrates the long-term terrible toll Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome has on soldiers – in this case, Israeli soldier, Menashe. his best friend was killed in the Six-Day War, and he blames himself. Six years after returning from that war, he displays severe symptoms of PTSS. He is mute with his family and does bizarre things – keeps his head on the car horn at night, is absent from his son’s birthday, and even tries to hang himself. Daphna, his wife and son Shlomi are totally ignored.  The lead actor, Amos Tamam portrays the depth fo despair with credibility. PTSS is affected by many soldiers form all over the world. Evidently, at the time this film was made, the army remained silent about the condition. 


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