Monday, September 5, 2016

HOUSE WITHOUT ROOF (Directed by Soleen Yusef) ****

Three siblings who do not get along were born in Kurdistan, but live in Germany. However, they all agree to fulfill their mother’s wishes that she be buried next to their father in Kurdistan. Trouble ensues when the uncle refuses to cooperate; he sends his son after them while the siblings are making the journey in one of the brother’s pick-up truck with their dead mother draped in the back. Their trip encounters many obstacles, including border barriers, fights between them and finally, a huge secret kept by one of the brothers which almost separates them all for good The music and scenery come along at just the right moments in the film – when poignant discoveries are made within the family. It is a moving film with many philosophical moments. It ends with the Iraqui city of Mosel being invaded by ISIS. This film is worthy of hitting the public screen.

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