Thursday, April 6, 2017

DOCUMENTARY SERIES ON MODERN ART (Amélie Harrault, Pauline Gaillard, Vélerie Loiseleux)*****

A brilliant series of six films spanning the early 1900s to 1945 in France. Meet all those amazing artists, including Malraux, Matisse, Cocteau, Soutine, Picasso, Apolinaire, Max Jacobs, Gide, Modigliani, Stein and more. Witness the suffering, sacrifice, free thinking and commitment to freedom that cost several of them their lives. Did you know that Sartre and de Beauvoire cycled from Paris to Southern France to win supporters from their friends against the Nazis? Old black and white film clips with animations superimposed bring back to life the startling lives of these bohemian geniuses. Literati and painters left their inspiring mark on the world.  The series graphically brings to the lens the wars which devastated these Jewish artists. (Screened at FIFA)

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