Wednesday, April 12, 2017

SANS REGRETS (Directed by Jacques Trabi)****

 In the Ivory Coast, Gaston works on the docs, but he needs 20,000$ to get his son into the police academy. His dock friends lend him the money, but he is mugged one night, and loses it all. He finds the guy who stole it, and this encounter leads to Gaston’s new life. The thug introduces him to Coffin, his boss, and soon Gaston has given up his duty to hard work and justice, and enters a violent life of easy money. Corruption is everywhere in the city at every level. Gaston gives his family riches, but in the end, he pays an exorbitant price. A good captivating film that provides a glimpse into a country in tatters.  (Screened at Vues d"Afrique Festival)        

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