Sunday, April 23, 2017


The success of a culture or country must not be based on the suppression of another.

Dogs never give up; humans barely even try.

Courtesy is a state of mind, not a momentary utterance, but I’ll take the latter any time.

Whining works wonders for people to leave you alone – even when you want them to stay.

Cell phones destroy human cells; it takes energy to do that. That is why cell phones go dead so quickly.

Shopping is medicine for the bored mind.

When not asked, the only person interested in what you are saying about yourself is only yourself.

God gave us a beautiful earth; we gave ourselves the facility to destroy it.

 Pride is the root of all evil and the catalyst for lying. Jesus will help you over that hurdle and then you are free. Disassociate yourself from those who lie and malign you to your face and behind your back.

American modus operandi: “Go for the gun”!!! Babies are shot, little kids are shot, teens are shot, adults are shot, grannies are shot; granddads are shot, but for Americans, this is their right –  their cherished form of  freedom – free expression, and the right to not just bear arms but to shoot arms off.
Maybe first nation Americans should bring up their right to scalp to protect themselves too. After all, that action is as old as the right to bear arms. Each is barbaric, but gun killing is more barbaric.  Get- a-gun law was written by literate folk who ought to have known better.  No matter how many or who gets shot, Americans behave as savages disguised in a suit. Civilized? My eye!

How can you expect people to understand you when you don’t understand them - let alone yourself?

The noblest sibling is the one who gets shunned, yet never speaks negatively about the one who did it. 

A friend is like a flower in a field of weeds. If you pick one, water it every day to keep it blooming near you. As for the weeds, they're all around, so keep your eyes open for that flower. 

You never need to explain yourself to one who loves you. However, you will always be explaining to those who don't. 

Love is life's longest journey yet it only takes a second to fall from grace. 

Silence is not golden when you need someone to talk to you; tell them. 

People who criticize are not just unhappy with you, but also with themselves. Still, what they say you must consider; it sometimes shows you how you are perceived, and they may be right, but it shows you more about them. 

Have ever noticed that as we age, we become more balanced in our lives, yet our balance is one of the first things to go. Don't fall!

A lot of people can laugh at themselves wanting you to believe they really are humble; but deep down, they know they are prideful.  

Humans bond better and more profoundly with animals than they do with their own ken. That's because we are more primitive than we would like to think. We are beasts begging for love from our animal/pets. And we get it from them - far more and forever than we get from humans.
When babies are born, they cry; ever wonder why they don't laugh? They instinctively know life is painful; they express this the moment they are born. It’s an adult’s duty to make them laugh as much as possible – even though we are wracked with pain.

Love God, give yourself to him, and feel the peace within. 

Loneliness stalks us, but look not to others to fill your void. A simple greeting to a stranger works wonders. Enjoy the child you pass outside. Study the patterns in a leaf; look at a single cloud or blade of grass, and realize you are not alone. You are an integral part of it all - even though the universe is as infinite as a black hole.

Don't judge others, but judge yourself with gentleness with a view to eliminating behavior that harms you and others. 

Failure is simply a risk you took that didn't pan out.

Boredom happens because you're making yourself, rather than others, the centre of your life. Not giving to others is a no go. You are here to give to others. Contrary to popular belief, being wrapped up in yourself can cause endless boredom and dissatisfaction to others and to yours truly. 

Once you accept that you are basically an instrument of God, you will not feel the need to lie; you don't have to pretend you are him.

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  1. Short and clever - wise words of wisdom from a wise woman