Sunday, April 2, 2017

ZOROASTRE! MOI, GIACOMO CASANOVA (Dircted by Gianni Di Capua) *****

A stunning presentation of the  Italian opera with orchestra (Theresia Youth Baroque), and the three Baroque singers with narration on camera using Galatea Ramzi. 

She lends her voice as Giacomo Casanova as he worked in the 18th century on the translation of the opera with music by Jean-Philippe Rameau; the librettist was Louis de Cahusac. It was first performed on 5th December 1749 at the ... Evil and goodness vie for the Queens who misses Zoroastre, the king. Hell breaks out in a revolution, and the message is a modern one for sure. Dancing also filled instrumental parts by a modern soloist. The music is beautiful. (Screened at FIFA)

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