Thursday, October 20, 2016

MOONSHINE (Directed by Barry Jenkins) *****

                           Raw revelations in a heart-breaking coming-of-age film
On a drug infested quiet street in Miami, little Chiron, a Black American, is victim to his mother’s addiction and anger. He’s bullied at school – even beaten up by a group to which his best friend belongs. Little Chiron seeks refuge in a couple who offers guidance and love. The man teaches him to swim, but he sells drugs.

Sadly, Chiron ends up selling drugs. The future holds his best friend to unite with him in a way that references the past upon Little Charon’s sexuality. This stunningly crafted film is so real, yet delicate in its profound grip on us as it quietly aligns issues of socio-economic import, human relevance and the secrets we hold and can’t voice except under the light of the moon. The acting was brilliant.

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