Thursday, October 20, 2016

Presidential Debates Would Make the Best Reality TV Series Ever!

Think about it. Opponents and one of them has to get voted off. I think the three debates I witnessed between Hillary and Donald are true reality TV material. Conflict, comedy, accusations and bad behavior, plus the element of learning facts, discerning lies and listening to eloquence and buffoonery simultaneously delivered by two different characters. Now, is this not the quintessential reality TV show?


 If Trump and Clinton really want to make their money honestly, they ought to franchise out those debates and have them translated into a zillion languages, and this way the whole world would listen - laughing, crying and discussing who really ought to get voted off at the end of the series. November 8th will reveal the winner. And whoever it is, they deserve a medal for TV showmanship and entertainment value. Sad thing is, these presidential debates are for real, folks.


                            Will the next president please accept his or her award?


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